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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Visit to Crisis Ministries

On Monday of this week, October 20th, members of St. Andrew's and James Island Presbyterian Church partnered together to serve a meal at Crisis Ministries on Meeting Street. James Island provided the great food and both congregations worked together to put the meal together on plates. All worked together forming an assembly line to get the job done.

The ladies at James Island prepared a great meal for the residents. Red rice, cole slaw, beans, ham, rolls, water and tea. Let's not forget dessert. Several selections of cake were offered.

Dinner began at 6pm. The residents were served and once that was done, we had the opportunity to grab a plate and eat with the residents. We were able to spend time with the women and children there.

As this blog reporter looked around the room, the hard time that the women had and were still having was clearly visible on some of their faces. I sat down at a table with a child (no relation to the young woman) and a young woman in her early 20's. As the three of us ate, we talked and I was able to find out the story of the young woman and how she came to be homeless. After having trouble at home, she boarded a bus for South Carolina, to find her only relative in Charleston. After living here with that relative for a while, that situation did not work out and she ended up with no place to live. She ended up at Crisis Ministries.

She asked me lots of questions about my jobs and my schooling. She told me about her goals. She is now in school completing her GED and after that she will be taking a nursing class to become a CNA. As she spoke to me about her school and dreams, I could hear the hope in her voice and see it in the smile on her face. We talked about the aging population in our country and that as a CNA, she should be able to find many jobs in her field. We talked about how important getting her education would be to her future because, once you have an education, no one can take that away. Before we all left I went to her and thanked her for sharing and talking to me. She smiled and said she had enjoyed it to.

Talking to her was really a gift. It made me think...there for the Grace Of God Go I. Talking to her made me think of things we take for granted. It make me think of many things to be thankful for...things I needed to thank God for. Again. I added her to my prayers last night, for her future to be bright and for her to have success in all she does.

For more information about Crisis Ministries check out their website: Crisis Ministries


Congregational Meeting: November 9th, 2008

Congregational Meeting

November 9th, 2008

Purpose: Electing members to serve as officers

(1 Trustee, 2 Elders, 9 Deacons)


Men of the Church

The Men of the Church have adopted the responsibility of the church grounds. They are asking for church members to help cut the grass and maintain the grounds. Please give Nick Gainey a call (571-2105) if you can help.

"To equip and train all men to pursue the will of Jesus through: mission outreach; leadership; and discipleship." (Presbyterian Men Mission Statement as approved at the April 27, 2007, annual meeting)