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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Feeding of the Multitude Today

Good morning everyone!  Today is the day!  Angie Blackburn had a good idea that if some people wanted to carpool to meet at the church around 2:15 pm to leave at 2:30 pm to get to the park.  Our shift is from 3pm-4pm today and we should arrive around 2:45 pm to take over from the prior crew. Since we are the last shift we most likely will be helping to clean up too.  We will probably be there about 2 hours all total!  I have been hearing the advertisements on the radio for all the locations over the last 3 days (West Ashley, downtown and on the islands).  I think it will be a big turnout. 
Spike just sent me a text and it says:  Perfect day for feeding of the multitude!  I agree with him!  Weather will be perfect!  See you there! 
Mary Catherine