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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

July 4 worship service

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ!
This year the 4th of July falls on a Sunday.  Having talked with any number of you, I realize that many of you--like me--are concerned about our country and, indeed, the world. 
So, on this Sunday, I would like to consider in the sermon ways in which we as the body of Christ can be a blessing to our country and the world.  What do we have to offer that would be beneficial to our neighbors in ways that are good and helpful to all people?
In our day, we are all too familiar with the lack of civility in public discourse--instead of having a healthy, robust debate on issues, it seems like it's politically expedient to attack people's characters.  The problem is that when we do that, everyone loses!  There are no winners, and very little, if anything, productive will ever be accomplished.
So, how can we be an example of a different way, the way of love that leads to abundant life?  What will it take for us to be such a community of character is shaped by the Holy Spirit and guided by Jesus Christ for the glory of God?
I look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions.
May God continue to watch over and keep us, and guide our steps so that we may...
...Share the Joy!