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Friday, May 07, 2010

"Jesus is Alive," Sermon text and questions

Greetings to you all in the name of our Risen Lord, Jesus Christ!

In this season of Easter, we joyfully proclaim that Jesus Christ is Risen!  I know this may border on stating the obvious, but to say that Jesus is risen also suggests that Jesus is alive--yes, that means right now, at this very moment!

But here's the kicker, what does it mean for how we live our daily lives that Jesus is alive--not only in this very moment, but in all of our moments?  Is he present with us?  If so, how?  If so, what difference does it make, especially when we face confusing and challenging and painful situations in live?

Our Scripture lessons for this Sunday invite us to consider these questions together.  But, as we do, please remember that no one passage from the Bible will answer all of our questions (that's why the Bible has 66 books!).  The our lessons for this week are very important in helping us to understand Jesus' mission and our part in it.  I invite you to read our Scripture passages for worship this Sunday (May 9) and, as you do, to consider the questions below.

Luke 24:36-53:
  1. What day do the events in this passage take place?
  2. Why were the apostles frightened when Jesus appeared?  What was their first thought?  How did Jesus respond to them?
  3. What do you think it means to "disbelieve for joy"?
  4. What does Jesus remind them of in verse 44?  Why is this important?
  5. What do you think Luke means when he writes, Jesus "opened their minds to understand the Scriptures"? 
  6. Would you like for Jesus to open your mind?  What would you like to learn from him?
  7. According to verses 47-48, what part do we (God's people) have in God's mission?
  8. What does Jesus promise in verse 49?
  9. What is the significance of verse 51?  Do you really think this is important for our lives and our witness to Jesus Christ?  How so?
  10. Do you think there is a correlation between praising God and having joy in our lives?  What might that correlation be?
  11. When people think of you, does the word "JOY" come to their minds?  What do you think does?  Would you be willing to ask a friend what comes to mind when they think of you?

1 Corinthians 15:1-14:
  1. How does hearing and receiving the Gospel make a difference in our lives? (verses 1-2)
  2. Where does this "Good News" come from? 
  3. Do you believe that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead?  What difference does what you believe have in how you live each day?   What difference does it have in how you understand your purpose (or mission) in life?
  4. If God raised Jesus from the dead (not just his spirit, but his body!), do you think God can and will raise our bodies?   As you think about this question, then consider the implications for how we understand the purpose of our bodies and how we live each day.

As you pray and prepare your heart for worship, may God's Spirit fill you with joy--in believing!

See you Sunday!


Thursday, May 06, 2010

Berries For a Cause

Berries for a Cause!

Still haven't picked your summer strawberries yet? They are in full
fruit at Ambrose Farms on Wadmalaw Island! Now you can, and for a good
cause! On Saturday, May 15, St Andrews, James Island Presbyterian and
Crisis Ministries will sponsor the residents of the TLC (Transitional
Living Center) at Crisis Ministries to a morning of strawberry
picking! Anyone who would like to go should meet in the church parking
lot at 8:30 to carpool to Ambrose Farms. You can pick for yourself, or
plan to 'sponsor' a bucket picked by a TLC mother or child! Many
thanks to Babs Ambrose for lowering the picking rate to $1/pound;
thanks to James Island and Crisis Ministries for providing
transportation for the residents; and thanks to the St Andrews 'Yellow
Bucket" for providing funds for each resident to pick a pound of
strawberries! Questions? Call Lindy Coleman at 953.8180.