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Monday, October 23, 2006

Dr. Scott Sunquist on World Mission

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On Saturday, October 14, 2006 Scott Sunquist presented a seminar at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, sponsored by the church and the Charleston Atlantic Presbytery. Dr. Sunquist has, for the past ten years, been the W. Don McClure Associate Professor of World Mission and Evangelism at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Dr. Sunquist writes in the areas of Asian Christianity, global Church history and missiology.

He was a dynamic speaker as he shared with us his presentation on mission in Asia. The entire weekend was an eye opening experience as he shared statistics on mission and the growth of Christianity in other parts of the world. You can visit Back to Jerusalem to see more indepth information about Asian Christianity.

The following touchstones are one of the key highlights of his presentation from that weekend.

  • Christian mission is our participation in the MISSIO DEI: The mission of God.
  • Christian mission is Trinitarian: The Father sending the Son, the Father and Son sending the Spirit and teh church being sent by teh Triune God into the world.
  • Christian missionis centered on witness to the coming Kingdom of God.
  • The Good News of the Kingdom is for all people and all of creation.
  • Christian mission must avoid reductionisms and dichotomies that have misrepresented the witness of the Kingdom in the past.
  • Christian mission involves continuing the sufferings of Christ for the world.
  • Christian mission must be ecumenical, inclusive, exclusive, and sacrificial.
  • Christian mission must be done in bold humility, representing in what is done, who it is we represent.
  • The local church is the missionary presence in each context, and the sending body to the world.
  • Christian mission means crossing barriers.


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