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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Food Memories

Sunday Sermon Summary April 1, 2007

Strawberries are now in season. Spike Coleman's parents have come down just for the berries. Spike's favorite food as a child was strawberries and cream. The significance surpasses just the taste. He is taken back to fond memories. Fond memories of another table where he was loved unconditionally... Memories of eating berries with his grandfather.

It is about love that his grandfather had for Spike as he allowed him into his life. They did many things together. They golfed, fished, went to Sunday school and church. He was the child who could not sit still. His grandfather shared so many experiences with him that he learned what it meant to be a beloved grandson. His family story took place in a larger context.

His family table was given new meaning by the table of the Lord. The Lord's table gives us many things as God's children. We are loved. After berries with his grandfather, Spike and his grandfather would pull out the bible and read scripture and have prayers together. His witness to Jesus Christ let him know he was a beloved child and a child of God.

Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem and he had Passover with the disciples. The passover let the Jews know that they were God's chosen people. they got freedom from slavery and Pharaoh. When the youngest begins by asking, "what makes this night unlike any other?" we discover who we are. Jesus Christ took on flesh and blood and is the passover lamb. He fulfills it, not confirms it. The law and prophets are fulfilled in Jesus Christ. WE discover what it means to be human and God's children. We are brothers and sisters In Christ.

Spike's family went to church because it was who they are, not because they had to. Jesus Christ invites us to the table. Our very identity is part of a story we did not create. It is part of undeserved love. God sent Jesus to us. The church is who we are as the body of Christ. When we try to separate ourselves from that, we seek meaning in life from other places that pale in comparison. We are children of God, chosen to be his people.

Jesus Christ invites us to know who we are this Holy Week. Dodge the controversies. Spike and his grandfather has a great relationship. He taught, through his stewardship and discipline, that all he had was a special gift. His life was to be lived for the benefit of others. Holy Week is the most sacred week for Christians. We are invited to discover anew who we are and how we should live.

Spike's grandfather has died but his relationship with him has not ended. Our lives are not over. This week when Spike goes to gather strawberries with his parents, he will be reminded that Jesus lives and so does his the kingdom of heaven. Aren't you hungry?


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