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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dr. Harold Bare Visits St. Andrew's

Rev. Dr. Harold Bare of Charlottesville, VA. spent several days at St. Andrew's last week meeting with church members, the Session and city officials in regards to opportunities to renovate and improve our church facilities. After an intensive week, it all ended on August 10th, at 6:30 PM, with a barbecue dinner catered by J.T. Handy, the 2006 South Carolina Pit Master Campion!!! The turnout was excellent. Dr. Bare really gave us some challenging things for our church to think about.

Here are the highlights of his talk as well as pictures of his meeting with the Session and the congregation at the barbecue.

  • He is the son of a pastor, married to a pastor's daughter with 31 years of pastoring under his own belt. He said the Lord directed him to go back to school in order to help churches grow
  • Key question: what price are we willing to pay for change? There was research done that included a study of 10k churches. In 1970 about 10% of the sociological research was funded for religious research. By 1995 more than 85% had been funded for religious research. Through all the changes in society the churches still were a stable in society. In comes the Silo concept. Silos in a field all hold something, but they are all separate. The strength of a silo is when they are all connected together. The church needs to understand the concept that we are in this together. Silos together....strength. Change is a revolutionary moment that does not end.

  • One of the greatest weaknesses of churches is the lack of corporate celebration. Scholars say this. Even Dr. Bare has had to loosen up to celebrate. What can St. Andrew's celebrate?
  • Where is the church on a bell curve? A plateau? A decline? Our willingness to deal with where we are is the REAL issue. Attitude determines what happens, not age of the church. Unity among everyone must be present at all times. Committees must be there for the larger mission of the church. Communication is also key in a church's success. Personal feelings and fussing must be kept out. We must keep talking, working and nuturing.

  • **CRITICAL POINT: One person in the congregation is the vision~~>That is the pastor, Pastor Spike. Multiheaded vision does not work. The Pastor's vision drives the church and it is his position to pass the vision. Pastor Spike needs to tell us his vision and what his passion is and we all need to get on board and fulfill that vision.


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