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Monday, March 02, 2009

My95 Begins This Week!!

My95 begins this week!!

"How can I participate?" you might wonder.

Well, I'm glad you asked! There are basically 4 ways to participate:

1. My95 will include a sermon series that begins (March 1) and goes through April 5 (Palm Sunday). You can participate by sharing in our worship during these weeks.

2. My95 will include a daily devotional that has a passage of Scripture, a brief story, and a prayer. The devotions begin Monday, March 2, and are for 5 weeks. You can pick up a copy in worship Sunday, March 1, or we can send you the devotions electronically (e-mail).

3. My95 will include a weekly Bible study. Most of the Bible study groups will meet in the homes of church members. Pearl and Pastor Spike have organized the church into groups. If you do not know which group you are in, please see an usher Sunday morning. The ushers will have copies of the people in each group.

4. My95 will conclude on April 5th with a covered-dish supper that Sunday evening. We will enjoy a wonderful meal and fellowship around the table, we will share in worship, and we will share ways in which God blessed us and inspired us to Share the Joy of Life in Christ through My95.


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