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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pray for peace in Congo and safety of mission co-workers

Pray for peace in Congo and safety of mission co-workers


Pray for peace in Congo and safety of mission co-workers

On November 28, the Democratic Republic of Congo held their second-ever democratic elections.  While there have been irregularities reported at polling stations, the election was less volatile than some had feared.  Now the country is in a tense period awaiting the announcement of the election results on Tuesday, December 6.  Some fear there will be violence once the announcement is made.

All of our mission personnel are safe and are working from home or from a safe location.  All have contingency plans in place are and are communicating with staff in Louisville daily. 

Please pray for peace in Congo, as well as for the continuing safety of our mission coworkers, the churches in Congo and for the Congolese people.

Two prayers to guide you:

Lord, be with our brothers and sisters in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Give them ears to hear truth,
        eyes to recognize your face in their neighbors, and
        strength to continue to seek justice and fairness for all in their country.

Accompany the walk of our partners, the Presbyterian Community of Congo and the Presbyterian Community of Kinshasa, as they seek to be incarnate witnesses of your truth.

Shelter the people of Congo and our mission coworkers in your arms.

Remind us that when one part of the Body grieves, so do we all.

Unite us as your children so that Christ's peace and love will reign over us all.

We pray this in the name of the Christ child, whose promised coming reminds us always to be hopeful. Amen.

Prayer of the Kasai

    Mvidi Mukulu, Elder Spirit, Loving Judge,
Brilliant Sun who blinds those looking at You,
The Bounteous Provider who feeds even the animals of the forest,
Father of our ancestors and Father of our Chief, Jesus,
We give You thanks and praise.
    Yesu Kilisto, Jesus Christ, Chief of all Chiefs,
You are the gourd of the water of reconciliation which we drink
to cool our conflict with God, our neighbor, ourselves.
You are the Tshinkunku tree around which our hunters gather to confess sins to each other.
You heal sickness and weakness and sin today even as You did in Israel.
The ancestors said that a son equals his father, thus You are truly God.
    Mueyelu wa Mvidi Mukulu, Breath of God, Holy Spirit,
You are the wind of power moving in and among us cleansing, liberating, and sustaining.
Through You we become joined to people of every tribe and nation.
It is You who give birth to the Church and cause it to move.
    Our God, we give You thanks and praise for Your mercy to us. When we came to this land, You were already here. Though we sleep through the night as if dead, we awaken each morning to life. Give grace to your Church that we might be the hand of Your salvation, of Your liberation to the people of all tribes.
In the name of Jesus, Amen.

From Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Walking with Africans, 20. Translated by Hunter Farrell, Director, Presbyterian World Mission. Also published in A Book of Reformed Prayers, Howard L. Rice and Lamar Williamson, Jr., editors, Westminster John Knox Press, 1998. Used by permission.

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