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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Pearl For A Day!

Today all the work the youth did Laboring on Labor Day paid off.
Click link or picture to see just how hard the youth REALLY worked on Labor Day.

Do you call this working?

The "top secret" garden was in and the mission was accomplished!
Pearl Jones did not suspect the "real" plan. What was funny was that,
this week she was shown so much extra appreciation that she thought
something "not so good" was happening.
Pastor Spike had mailed a letter out to each home
requesting that we all do things to honor Pearl this week and we did!
This accounts for this half of the church sign. Click to see it in large size!

Click this picture (or any of them) to see them full size.

Today in the Children's Worship, Pearl Jones was honored for the work that she does
and for the great strides that our church is making in Christian education.
As indicated earlier, the youth met on Labor Day and did the work
of digging the garden and getting it ready for plants and garden stones.

Lindy Coleman presents a special garden stone designed just for Pearl.

The dedication of the garden was held during Moments of Fellowship
which was held today in front of the church near the garden.
This was very special as it gave Moments of Fellowship the feel of a true "garden party."

Pastor Spike Coleman dedicates the new garden to Pearl in the pictures below.

After the dedication it was more
Fellowship before people began to leave for home.

Close up of the special garden stone, in place, in the garden.

Now the name of this post is "pearl for a day,"
but in reality, Pearl Jones is a true diamond studded pearl
each and everyday!
She shares her talents and brings and imparts
the spirit of God in all that she does.

So this sign in front of her garden says it all!

Thanks Pearl, for all that you do!


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