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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sunday Sermon Summary #2

The sermon on Sunday, November 19th was entitled: What Kind of Lord is Jesus?

Spike began by inviting us all to read the scripture Isaiah 58: 1-14 daily for clarity, understanding and reflection so that we would all fully understand that Jesus is Lord! Today, what does it mean to say Jesus is Lord? If we confess that Jesus is Lord will we be saved? What does that mean? What kind of Lord is Jesus? Paul wrote about this to the Romans. During the time of Caesar when Paul was writing to the people, Caesar demanded that everyone worship him as lord. If you did not confess that he was, you were imprisoned or put to death as a traitor. Caesar was a very demanding lord.

Today there are modern day lords. Who are they? What are they? The government? The President? They put in place laws for the common good. What happens today if we complain? Nothing, as we have free speech. What other lords are in our lives? Work? Greed? Lust? These are things that can control our thoughts, actions and influence relationships. What does Jesus want from us? Read Isaiah 58: 1-14 out loud and really notice the verbiage and the strong language. It is down to earth, concrete and not abstract. Belief and action are two sides of the same coin.

Reflect on the Israelites. When they came out of exile they were rebuilding. Life was hard and where they were no one wanted to go. In Isaiah 58: 1-14, you will notice that there is more than one reference to the Sabbath. That is very important. Do we honor the Sabbath? Do we take it off from work? Do we ask others to work for us? The Sabbath is for everyone to spend with God and his presence. Our ancestors did not get it. They just went through the motions and thought that would be enough. God looks in our hearts and our actions need to be consistent. 6 "Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke? God hears our prayers when we are consistent.

What is God asking of us? We live in the richest country with privilege. How do we use the privilege? God is calling for us to set aside the privilege, the power and to serve one another. We need to reach out and take interest in others. Our righteousness will spring up and God will hear our prayers. God will do amazing things through us, through the congregation. Last week Thursday when Spike came to work, he had a to-do list. He got three calls that were not on that list.
  • A brother struggling with family, job and satanic attacks
  • A woman who needed a referral for counseling. She had been subject to satanic rituals as a child and was dealing with dissociative identity disorders
  • A family struggling with many issues
It is not uncommon to have a morning like that.

What kind of Lord is Jesus? Why Him and not some other lord? Jesus is willing to set aside his power and privilege. All this is, belongs to Jesus. He set it all aside for us. He emptied himself to become our flesh. He became obedient unto death. Whe he was nailed to the cross he could have summoned a band of angels to take him down. He died for us. He died for the brother struggling, the woman in need of counseling and the family having to deal with many issues. He emptied himself and gave it all so that we share in his divine works.

Jesus assumed the posture of servant to wash the feet of the Apostles. We must follow, answer and obey Him. We must turn away from the "Caesars" that control our lives. The day will come when every knee will bend and all will confess Jesus is Lord. That day is coming. As that day approaches we need to set aside earthly things. The Word guides us so that we can get the treasure of Jesus.


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